I had some fury visitors yesterday

Deer just hanging out in the backyardDeer just hanging out in the backyard

I’m a big animal lover. Doggies, kitties, even reptiles. When I see them, I want to pet them and talk to them in a cutesy voice. I admit, it’s incredibly obnoxious.

Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise. One of my Saturday chores is treating our hot tub. I didn’t even look hard in my backyard before stepping outside. I just grabbed the chemicals and opened the door. Before I could get both feet outside, I noticed a deer standing right in the middle of my backyard! I quietly closed the door and looked again, and noticed that between my backyard and the one next door there were three. I’m pretty sure it’s a mama and two youngsters. I quietly added the chemicals, took a few photos, and then got back inside so I wouldn’t spook them. I then stood there for a while, just watching them walking around and hanging out. It was beautiful.

Head cleaningHead cleaning

The kidsThe kids

Mama keeping an eye on meMama keeping an eye on me

The kids loafing aroundThe kids loafing around

deer wildlife

December 3, 2023